Why Choose Us

Our purpose is to take you “From Pain or Injury to Lifelong Health and Fitness For ALL!”

35+ years Established Experience

What do we do?

  • Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment for all injuries, pains and conditions by expert and experienced Physiotherapists
  • Remedial & Sports Massage Therapy including Deep Tissue, Hot Rocks, Cupping, Dry Needling
  • Clinical Pilates sessions and classes in dedicated Clinical Pilates Studio for postural & core strengthening
  • Fully Equipped Rehab Gym with Rehab Personal Trainers
  • Exercise Physiology and Fitness Testing
  • Group Fitness Classes and Circuit Fitness designed for all ages and fitness levels
  • Pregnancy Related Services including Massage, Clinical Pilates and Fitness Classes
  • Pre-Employment Assessments / Worksite- Assessment / Ergonomics
  • Hydrotherapy / Aquatic Therapy & Aquatic Fitness Classes
  • Custom Orthotics (Arch Supports) by Computer-Generated Technology GaitscanTM
  • Shockwave Therapy – for treatment of tendonitis, spurs, calcifications and old unhealed tears
  • And a fair bit more…

How do we differ and stand out from the rest?

  • We are one of very few Physio practices Australia wide who incorporate a completely equipped rehab gym and Clinical Pilates studio within the practice (and are the only one within our region).
  • We offer a multidisciplinary approach to our patient care and rehab involving high level Physiotherapists, Remedial Massage Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Clinical Pilates instructors and Personal Trainers, orthotics prescription, gym programs, hydrotherapy and more.

  • We offer Shockwave Therapy, Bodyflow Therapy and Gaitscan Custom made Orthotics (computerised) – proven to get you results that traditionally have been unachievable!
    • Shockwave Therapy – the treatment required to avoid having surgery on tendonitis, calcifications, spurs and old muscle and tendon tears
    • Bodyflow Therapy – results driven proven method of recovering faster from injury, as used by elite athletes of all domains such as the Brisbane Broncos
    • GAITSCAN Orthotic Prescription (computerised) – completely customised orthotics for children, youth and adults, enabling us to detect problems BEFORE they lead to an injury, whilst also assisting in injury recovery
  • We have been operating for over 35 years (longest standing practice in Gladstone), have established a strong brand and reputation and completely understand the needs of locals and their working conditions. We are community focussed.
  • We have close connections with local Doctors and other Health Professionals and work hard at achieving positive results with them. We embrace the notion that Health Care often involves a team effort.
  • Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist are all Bachelor Degree and/or Masters trained therapists, and are actively involved in Professional Development and/or ongoing studies. We are also a registered Clinical Education Facility with Griffith University, James Cook University and Central Queensland University.

8 Myths about Our Physiotherapy Dispelled

Myth 1: I can’t get into Physio for weeks!

Yes we do run a very busy clinic however we have appointments available every single day as we have a number of Physiotherapists and Allied Health professionals on board. This is to ensure our services are accessible to you, and to as many people as possible. Although the most popular times are often booked out first, sometimes all that is needed is 1 session to get your treatment started and get you on the road to recovery. If that means that you need to take an hour off work to get checked out, your faster recovery would be well worth it. It will be the smartest thing you’ve done in the lead up to your return to health.

Myth 2: Physio hurts!

Our Physiotherapists will offer techniques that get the job done most effectively. Occasionally this will require some deep pressure or heavy mobility though by and large this is not the most common scenario. Our Physiotherapists want to help our patients as efficiently as possible and so may opt for some of the more ‘aggressive’ treatment techniques. However each Physiotherapist has a large multitude of “tools” to select from their therapy toolboxes that can assist with your return to health and the majority of these techniques are pain free. Physiotherapy doesn’t have to hurt. If you have any concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to discuss this with them. They will listen and discuss their treatment plan and reasons with you and then tailor the consultation to your individual requirements.

Myth 3: It takes forever to get results!

This is rare. Although our Physiotherapists aim to ‘fix’ your problem rather simply make it feel temporarily better, results are often obtainable within 1 to 4 sessions. In fact, our practice statistics show us that on average we are obtaining favourable results for the majority of conditions within 3 sessions. There are some conditions that will require much more than this. In these cases the Physiotherapist will explain and outline their treatment plan for you and encourage you towards each progressive milestone of improvement within the goal of full recovery. Education is the key here. Further to this, the therapists at Physio & Fitness are trained at not only attending to the current problem or injury, but also at guiding your treatment towards achieving long lasting results. This goes hand in hand with our Purpose Statement: “From Pain or Injury to Life-long Health and Fitness for All!”

Myth 4: I need to get naked!

Attitudes to this vary widely. Although some of our patients are completely at ease disrobing (generally down to underwear) we are mindful of modesty and can offer a towel or medi-robe to your comfort level. It is commonly essential as part of a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your complaint that we can see and feel the area of concern. Our trained eyes and hands gain much knowledge during this process to aid in your treatment. Often we only need the removal of most clothing in the first consultation or 2, as we really need to ensure nothing is missed. Many ailments and conditions we treat greatly affect the movement and mechanics of the body and as such identifying these is the key to successful treatment and guidance.

Myth 5: Physio is Expensive!

Let’s put this into perspective – if you needed a heart operation in order to survive would you baulk at the price? It’s very unlikely. Your health is your number 1 key asset and we are trained professionals ensuring your health is top notch and is kept that way. You happily spend money on material often unnecessary things – put some of this money aside as it is inevitable that 1 day you will need to spend it on your health and fitness. We might add, some private health insurers are excellent and the out of pocket expenses for our services can be very little (sometimes zero). If your current provider isn’t meeting your expectations and you really need treatment, shop around for other health insurers. And just for the record, our therapy prices at Physio & Fitness are well below the national average Physiotherapy consultation prices.

Myth 6: I need to keep going back!

This is answered in the response to myth 3. To further elaborate, once your injury or pain is fixed and you are on the road to recovery, think of us like a dentist. You may visit your dentist once or twice a year to have a check-up. To ensure your health is kept at the optimal level, we encourage you to return to us regularly at varying frequencies in order to maintain your outcomes at those optimum levels. I often say to my patients who have sore backs (who need to do twice daily exercises) “You brush your teeth twice a day right? … I need you to brush your back twice a day to in order to stop it rotting”. Makes sense hey!

Myth 7: Physio can’t/didn’t help me!

Our Therapists treat an extensive range of conditions and injuries. Physiotherapy can help with……

virtually any condition that affects your muscles, joints or nerves.

Common problems include:

  • Painful conditions such as Arthritis
  • Back and neck pain, including Whiplash
  • Problems affecting children including Cerebral Palsy
  • Pregnancy-related symptoms such as back pain and stress incontinence
  • Upper limb work-related problems, also known as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Asthma and other breathing difficulties• Sports injuries, work place injuries
  • Stroke and other neurological problems• Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain, ankles, knees and hips.
  • Headaches, postural issues and poor core stability (weak tummy).
  • Exercise or fitness related problems, weight loss
  • Foot complaints and orthotic prescription
  • And more…

And if you’ve tried Physio in the past and you didn’t see results, there are only 3 possible reasons for this – 1) you didn’t see us at Physio & Fitness, 2) you didn’t do what we said (we do hear a lot of great excuses, I sometimes borrow these), 3) you need surgery!

Myth 8: I can’t get all my services under one roof!

Although this is not entirely incorrect (i.e. we don’t have Doctors at our clinics) essentially this is not a myth. We are a one stop shop for most of your health and fitness requirements, and if we are unable to successfully treat a condition we can surely guide you in the right direction. We have a large range of services available which ensure the most optimum and maximum treatment results are obtained. With our fully equipped gym we also have the capability of liaising with your gym instructor or personal trainer to ensure the right programs are setup to prevent the issues/injuries returning in the future (in the majority of cases). Our Gym and Clinical Pilates studio are 1 of a kind and are designed and operated with the aim of rehabilitating people correctly and ensuring our patients obtain life-long health and fitness.



Our highly trained and skilled Physiotherapists offer our valued clients treatment to cater to their individual needs and requirements. No complaint is too big or small. Try us now!

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