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Posture Pro Posture Analysis Computerised Assessment

At Physio & Fitness, we like to utilise technology to assist us achieve better outcomes and better results. One such piece of technology is our Posture Pro digital posture analysis software. This software allows us to take a photo of you, our patient, upload it into our software, and rather quickly and efficiently determine a number to tell you if you have good, bad or ok posture.

The capabilities of the software extend beyond a detailed postural analysis including:

  • Posture Number™ – Only Posture Pro has it. Based on a posture scoring system, your posture is calculated to provide your Total Posture Number which helps keep track of any improvements/relapses of posture over time
  • AutoDetect – automatically performs a posture screening or exam
  • Effects of Time – Posture is NOT self-correcting. We can show you what you might look like over time without performing posture correction exercises
  • Loss of Height Calculations due to poor posture
  • Additional Spine Forces Measurement – Explains the extra stresses from poor posture
  • Quick Compare – Quickly compare current and past posture exams
  • Q – Angle – is this the cause of your knee pain?
  • Leg Length Difference – is one of your legs longer than the other?
  • And many more…

Why is it so good for you?

If you would like a posture pro assessment, please take a photo from head to toe from front on and side on (in as little clothing as you are comfortable, the more skin the better), with a 30cm ruler clearly visible in the photo (stuck to the wall, or standing straight up and down on the floor is fine) and email them to us.

You will receive from us a report with all postural findings and measurements, and any recommendations to correct these findings if required. Alternatively you might elect to book an appointment with our Physiotherapist whom will discuss these findings with you in detail, show you what effects can change forces in your spine and explain the implications of these forces on your body and prescribe appropriate exercises or management in order to correct any issues.

If you would like to go ahead right now with your online posture analysis, please click HERE to be taken to the order page.



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