Pillow Height Correctness

Measuring Correct Pillow Height

Do you know if your pillow is the correct height? One quick and easy way of telling is that if it is not the correct height or density, you will wake up stiff and sore in the mornings, or sometimes will even wake with pain. Occasionally when you have a “kinked” neck in the mornings, the pillow can be involved.

Correct pillow height should see the forehead and chin (in most people) be level whilst lying on your back, and see the spine aligned (in most people) whilst lying on your side.

In order to determine if your pillow is the correct height, please email us 2 photos (one on your back, and one on your side) and we can instruct you further as to the correctness of your pillow.

We offer this service for $29, however currently this service is COMPLIMENTARY for a limited time only. To order your pillow height measurement please click here.

Please note we stock a small range of professional pillows in our clinic with differing sizes and densities, so we can fit about 95% of people to the correct pillow.



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