Oncology Rehabilitation

Gladstone Physio and Fitness offers Oncology Rehabilitation to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, at any stage of their treatment and recovery. This is provided by our Physiotherapist Larissa Polkinghorne in conjunction with our Exercise Physiologist Tiarna Bateman.

For many years, Clinic Director and Physiotherapist, Larissa Polkinghorne has taken a special interest in cancer rehabilitation, commencing her first University Placement with BreastScreenWA in 2004. She has since undertaken post graduate courses in the management of symptoms following Prostate Cancer and surgery and is also a certified PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist.

She is currently working alongside Dr Emilia Dauway at the Mater Hospital providing pre-operative and post-operative breast cancer rehabilitation services aimed at improving the overall function and quality of life in these women.

“The primary goal of any cancer treatment is cure. As survival rates have increased, especially for breast cancer, it is increasingly important to consider quality of life after treatment. Understanding a person’s quality of life at the time of diagnosis with pre-operative Physiotherapy assessments, helps to identify physical limitations which may influence choice of treatment. It is the best opportunity to preserve and improve function. Anyone who has experienced cancer deserves to be considered from a holistic perspective to maintain their physical and mental well-being”
Dr Emilia Dauway, Director Centre for Personal Renewal https://personalrenewal.com.au

What is the PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Program:

The PINC program is a specialised rehabilitation program dedicated to improving the strength, quality of life and sense of wellbeing of females diagnosed with cancer. It has been developed as an individualised exercise-based cancer rehabilitation program, which explicitity addresses facors to facilitate longer-term engagement in physical activity for people affected by cancer.

Due to recent medical advances, more women are surviving a cancer diagnosis. The PINC program is dedicated to helping these women maximise their recovery, regain physical strength and endurance, improve body confidence and control.

PINC cancer Rehab Physiotherapists assess each patient individually for physical ipairments and the effect of their treatment. They tehn work with each patient individually for physical impairments and the effects of their treatment. They then work with each patient to create a rehabilitation program to suit their particular stage of recovery. The sessions can include:

  • Manual physiotherapy
  • Graduated resistance training
  • Individualised clinical pilates
  • Fatigue management
  • Exercise Prescription

The Pinc & Steel programs aim to help women & men

  • regain strength, flexibility and confidence in their body
  • improve stability and posture
  • ease pain and muscular tension
  • minimize weight gain and improve bone density
  • learn new exercises to enhance their recovery after surgery and prevent long term problems
  • increase energy levels during and after cancer treatments
  • achieve their own fitness goals with an individualised, safe training program
  • gain a sense of control and boost the spirit

How Do I Get Started & Take The First Steps To Recovery?

Once you contact us we will book you in for your first session, which will be an hour in duration and the following sessions will vary from 30-45 minutes depending on what your treatment requirements, goals and energy levels require.

What Are The Costs?

All patients with a diagnosis of Cancer are eligible to obtain a referral for up to 5 Medicare subsidised Allied Health Visits per year from their GP who will need to set up a Care Plan – this will rebate you $53.80 per session.

If you have Extras cover on your Private Health Insurance we can process your payment on the spot and then you will only have to pay the gap. (see FAQ – Private Health Insurance).

We also have gift vouchers available for any of the services in our clinic, so that family and friends can support men or women they know through the programme.

Lastly, the newly founded PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Foundation of Australiais taking funding applications and fundraising to help make these services accessible to as many Australians as possible.

Click on the link below to watch an inspiring video to see what Pinc participants can do!


Please refer to www.au.pincandsteel.com.au for further information and if you need to apply for funding for the program.



Our highly trained and skilled Physiotherapists offer our valued clients treatment to cater to their individual needs and requirements. No complaint is too big or small. Try us now!

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