Postnatal Fitness

Supervised Exercise Guidance Post Birth

Physio & Fitness offers Physiotherapist-led small group postnatal exercise sessions (both in the gym and in the water), which aim to improve your overall recovery post birth! 

These sessions are suitable for ANYONE who has had a baby (8 weeks – 12 months). The classes will challenge you, build your fitness, strength, and tone you! We also cater for any one experiencing any issues such as pain, incontinence, prolapse, or abdominal muscle separation. You will need to have had your 6 week check-up from your GP/Obstetrician prior to your initial assessment.

Why are we different from many other Postnatal Exercise options?

  • Our sessions are led by a Physiotherapist trained in postnatal fitness. Our exercises are PELVIC FLOOR FRIENDLY.
  • We offer gym based fitness classes
  • All participants need to have an initial assessment with a Physiotherapist who is qualified in screening for any bladder, bowel, pelvic floor dysfunction or musculoskeletal issues. You will be taught how to correctly activate your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. This ensures that your workout will be individually tailored to your needs and you will lower the risk of doing exercises that may potentially cause harm.
  • If you join our 6 week block, you will be provided with pertinent postnatal education over the 6 week course.
  • The group sessions are small, so we can better cater for your individual needs and ensure you are doing all your exercises correctly.
  • You may be able to claim back on your Private Health Insurance.

What are the specific details?


  • Course duration = 6 week block
    • 2 x 45-60 minute Mums & Bubs circuit style classes each week (Physio-led)
      • Wednesday 10.00am (for a 10.15am start)
      • Friday 10.00am (for a 10.15am start)
  • Class Fees
    • Initial Assessment = $105* with Physio Jade, Physio Hannah, Physio Regina or Physio Larissa (Private Health rebates may apply)
      • 6 week block, 2 classes per week = $300 (private Health rebates may apply), to secure your spot payment will need to be made in full.
  • Crèche
    • Although there is no specific crèche with child minding, your babies are welcome and there will be a child friendly area allocated for your children. Please note that your child is under your care and should they be upset or need attention, you will be expected to stop your workout and attend to your child.

* As these classes are run by a Physiotherapist, you may be eligible to private health rebates. You pay for the 6 week block upfront, an invoice will be provided at the end of the block, for the sessions you attended. You can then take this to your private health insurer.

What will the initial assessment involve?

This assessment will be booked in for 60 minutes. Your Physiotherapist will ask you all about your pregnancy and labour and identify if there are any risk factors or if you have any current issues with how your bladder, bowel and pelvic floor are functioning. 

She will assess if you have any abdominal muscle separation and will assess your pelvic floor function. This can either be done using non-invasive real time ultrasound (probe placed on your lower tummy), or through a vaginal examination of your pelvic floor muscles (your Physiotherapist will discuss when we would recommend the vaginal examination).

Please note, this is a pre-screen to attend our exercise classes, and if you have some underlying issues that require more time – you may be asked to book in again with the Physiotherapist for further assessment and treatment.


Please contact our reception staff to book in for your “Postnatal Exercise Assessment” and your exercise sessions.

We currently don’t have a date for our next block, if you register your interest, we will contact you when the date is set.

For any questions, or to be considered for mid-course enrolments, please call our admin on 07 4972 3244.



Our highly trained and skilled Physiotherapists offer our valued clients treatment to cater to their individual needs and requirements. No complaint is too big or small. Try us now!

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